94107... / by Sagar Mukala

Hey everyone, hope you had a fantastic weekend. I got a chance to hangout with my camera after a while and ended up clicking away. If I were to ask you where's home? What would your answer be? Home is where you truely belong, right? Where people around you believe in what you believe, fight for what you fight for. I travelled to a lot of places in the world, but nothing connects to me like San Francisco does. I must admit travelling is different from living, but a brief period of time spent is good enough to give an estimate about the place and the people usually. It's funny how you look for answers everywhere sometimes, without realizing it's right next to you. In my case it was 30 miles away for a few years, until I decided to do something about it. NINE-FOUR-ONE-OH-SEVEN, the five digits that represent me and the people who're similar to me. We are the progressive thinkers, the early adopters, the artists who help changing the world to be a better place! In my next post I promise you an exciting adventure.