Vancouver - A Photographer's Paradise. / by Sagar Mukala

Hello and welcome to my blog after a while. I just wrapped up my trip to one of the best cities in the world, Vancouver. My journey started a week ago, and I had no clue what I was getting into when I packed my bags and took the flight. If you are thinking of mixing two of the top cities of the U.S, San Francisco and LA and create a hybrid city, the end product would be Vancouver. It's got the city life, it's got the beverly hills life, it's got Whistler (2 hrs drive), it's got everything. They got a good soccer team too! If you're a nature lover/outdoor freak, Whistler is the place to go. I went on a crazy cable car between two peaks at 6000 ft in Whistler and the nature around just blew me away. Vancouver city just surprised me with the amount of greenery it had. Also the amount of planning that went into the city to make sure it doesn't get windy is just brilliant. We're moving towards an era where carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere is reaching alarming levels. To have cities like Vancouver promoting greenery everywhere is something inspiring. My first task when I head back to San Francisco is to plant a tree in my condo. Go GREEN!