the HIPSTER inside everyone! / by Sagar Mukala

Hello and welcome to Sagar Mukala's blog after a year long hiatus. I decided to digress from my lens for a while and explore a lot of other things in the past year. The excitement when I picked up my lens after a year still remained the same and my eye for things was still intact too. What did happen in this past year? The technology became much better, we move onto iPhone 6, things became much faster, and what about people? People are losing the human values? Everywhere I go, I love watching people. A friend these days is someone who you watch their status on a social networking website. A conversation does not happen between two people anymore but it happens via text messaging. Don't get me wrong, technology made a lot of great things happen. People across different continents can communicate, exchange ideas, but there's something else happening too! All great things come at a cost. I'm beginning to wonder if we are losing human values by hanging out on google plus instead of hanging out on a couch. With out human values everything you do, there will be a disconnect. Why do you think startups with co founders who are at the same location succeed more often than co founders living in different continents? Why do you think long distance relationships don't work out most of the time? It all boils down to the human values. So my curiosity towards human values took me to the hippie hub of San Francisco last weekend, where I met a lot of interesting people. These so called hippies live by simple set of rules. Their main rule is to do what makes them happy and not give a damn what the world thinks. Although that's a tricky thing because most people now a days do not know what makes them happy. When I ask people, "What makes you happy?", I get responses like "Oh a Ferrari", "Oh a million dollars". Essentially none of the material things can keep you happy unless you understand the purpose why you are put on this planet. 

Till next time,