The Mission I'mPossible / by Sagar Mukala

Five years ago, if I were to ask myself: Would I drive a 1000 miles alone and hike just to click a picture, I’d probably laugh saying I must be crazy or mad, but today I just did the exact same thing that I’d probably consider a joke five years ago. Photography changed my perspective towards life indeed. It is important sometimes to go out on a trip by yourself, setting aside time from your busy life (that apparently you managed to make it busy). You might be surprised how much you learn about yourself and come away with things you like/don’t like. This fun expedition helped understand a lot of things, more over answered some of the critical things I had in mind about life. I enjoyed every tiny bit of the trip. More importantly I learned the difference between “LIKE” and “LOVE”. For example it’s very easy for someone to like a Football club like Barcelona. They keep winning trophies everyday. If you love a club, you pretty much support it even if it’s not doing well. Ask a Liverpool/Arsenal Football Club supporter what love is? He/She can explain love better. I met lot of people in my life, whom if I ask “Are you happy?” (Eventually after doing every possible dog work to get to the position they are currently at), They either stutter or try to escape by not answering the question or probably not even have thought of that question as they are so busy in their so called “LIFE”. Why does this happen to us? Well if you think of it, there might be a zillion different ways of doing a particular thing. We all have a choice to do it in our own way. The problem lies in the way we choose to do it. Most people end up doing things that are considered dogma, just because they know that things will finally work out one fine day and they’ll be living happily ever after. But assuming things work out as planned, are they happy for real? I doubt it. The most important thing to take away from this is FOLLOW YOUR HEART, somewhere deep down it knows what you want and what makes you happy. Like I always say, "You gotta do, wachu gotta do". Another important thing that works for me is I quit often. Infact I keep quitting a lot of things after experimenting with them, the moment I realize I don’t like. It’s important to be particular about this, because life is a gift and you don’t want to spend even a single minute wasting it doing things that you do not like or being someone you are not. The faster you quit the better. Eventually you’ll be happy in the long run. Anyways I’ve talked too much philosophy for the day. Let me put my photographer’s cap on. The Grand Canyon could be easily called one of the World’s Natural wonders. This I say because you do not need to be a photographer to capture the beauty of this place. Infact, I was quite humbled capturing it.  I reached the point at sunrise and was blown away with the magnificence of it. I’m quite thankful for the nature, the guy who invented a camera and my Mom and Dad for this thanksgiving. This picture is a gift to my family this thanksgiving!