Denali, Alaska / by Sagar Mukala

I got an opportunity to visit Alaska this week, and I really lucked out on the weather. The weather in Anchorage, Denali can vary very quickly. It can be sunny one moment, and rainy the next. If the clouds are out, there's nothing you can do about seeing the peak of Denali but to wait for days for them to clear. It rained the first couple of days I spent in Anchorage, but as soon as I drove to Denali the clouds cleared. It was as if nature opened itself for couple of days for me to capture it's beauty in full glory. It never gets dark around here in summer. To see absoulte darkness, you'll have to wait until August 17th. Here's a shot of the 4:30am rising sun over Denali Cabins. Hope you like it!

With love,