Hawk hill, Marin Headlands / by Sagar Mukala

I went to Hawk hill yesterday and got real lucky. It tends to get very foggy around there, but it was clear this time. I didn't miss the chance to put my telephoto lens to test. I composed a tried and tested composition of the Golden gate bridge, with Bay bridge in the background and added a sail boat in the picture to give a perspective of the magintude of the landscape. I also ended up stitching a 14 picture panorama (below). The panorama captures Alcatraz island, Bay Bridge, the City, and Twin peaks in the background. I managed to include people towards the bottom left of the frame to provide a perspective. Try zooming your webpage while viewing to get a closer look at things in the picture. Although it was super cold and windy, the place was truly breathtaking!

With loads of love,