Slept a lot in Seattle! / by Sagar Mukala

Hello... I'm back again! Got a chance to go north and I didn't let the opportunity go, to step behind my lens and chip away with some clicks. I was in Seattle, yes the SeaHawks town where people are crazy about coffee and coding, besides skiing and mountain biking. I wonder why they named the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"? I doubt if anybody can sleep less in seattle. The weather would put you to bed anyway even if you want to get out haha. Jokes apart, Seattle is a very beautiful city which gets plenty of rain and hence the landscape is super green. BTW what a fantastic NBA season for the Warriors, couldn't help but mentioning. The first day, it drizzled outside and I watched a fantastic game between the Warriors and the Thunder. At half time I got a chance to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass and it's something phenomenal. Check out some of my clicks below.


It was nice to see the sun come out the next few days and I gotto witness the true beauty of the place. I then visited my buddy, Tory's school (University of Washington) and didn't miss a chance to checkout the Harry Potter library :)

It sucks that Seattle doesn't get the sun throughout the year, because if it did, it'd look so beautiful. Some of the buildings had glass walls, meaning they didn't need art work on the walls as they got the real art work looking outside, with the space needle and mount Rainier. Sometimes nature can blow your breath away. All you gotto do is pause for a second and enjoy the moment! 

Till next time,