Crater Lake / by Sagar Mukala

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as the Premier League kicked off with Arsenal getting off to a decent start to the season. Just as the game finished, I called up Prad to put an end to the run of our lazy weekends. We decided to drive to the Crater Lake located in Oregon. It was a long drive but we were excited. I was more excited not because of the destination, but because I was going to meet my undergrad buddies Sameer and KC after a few years. After driving for about eight hours and stopping over at Shasta for the night, we reached one of the heavenly places on the planet.



The view was just breathtaking! If you think the lake formed out of a meteoric collision, you are right. Nopes I'm kidding. It was formed from Mount Mazama, a volcanic mountain part of the Cascade mountain range. The volcano's collapsed caldera holds the lake. It is the deepest lake in the United States. The reason behind its clear water is it was formed solely by falling rain and snow with no inflow and outflow from outside. This place is a tribute to nature's beauty. I couldn't resist to click as soon as I saw this wonder.


With loads of love,