Mount Shasta / by Sagar Mukala

 Mount Shasta city is a beautiful city located in the northern part of California. Just like its name "Shasta" meaning pure; the experience of being at this peak gives you the feeling of purity. One significant part about this mountain is that it is not connected by any other mountain nearby. It is the second tallest mountain in the cascades and is a part of the cascade volcanic arc. You will meet a wide variety of people who visit this place. People who love camping, trekking, skiing, water sports, photography are some of the common type of people you would most probably run into. The Klamath river to the north and the McCloud falls to the south of Shasta are a must visit.



 I got to the location at sunset and observed the tender sun rays touching the peak. The peak is completely covered with snow in winters. Something that inspired me to click this picture is the peak itself. It is a symbol of people who don't give up and are not afraid to fight and stand up to their dreams. The very fact that the mountain is not connected to any other mountains nearby makes it unique. I'm sure I will go back to this place again very soon.


With loads of love,