Holly SH*T! / by Sagar Mukala

This weekend I decided to drive down south to the city of Angels. I just had a fun-tastic weekend with my buddies Rish and Saby. Saturdays come by every week, but this Saturday left a lasting impression on me. The reason being the show "Centered in the Universe" at the Griffith Observatory. Art and Science are things that intrigued me since childhood. But being the Astronomy freak that I am; I was blown away by this particular presentation. This is a show not to be missed if you are in LA. I finally succeeded in watching the entire show in my fourth visit to the observatry, due to various funny reasons that I ended up missing the show on previous occasions. LA has a swagger about it, that kind of draws lot of crowd. It is famous for all the dark reasons; money, drugs, etc but there are a few places that can inspire a common man. One such place is the Beverley Hills. It can motivate people to challenge their current state and compete at a much higher level to push themselves. Living in Beverley Hills is a dream for almost anybody, but if you want to get there you have to prove that you belong there. Right, I'll keep you guys thinking about some interesting questions from the presentation until my next post. Ever wondered WHO WE ARE? WHY WE ARE PUT ON THIS PLANET?

With love,